International Association of Youth and Students for Peace – Switzerland (IAYSP) organized its second online activity on Zoom. It was a meeting to discuss about “Responsibility, Integrity, Service, and Empathy (RISE) within Nature”. The event was made in order to address such a big issue as climate change, and to create discussion about our relationship to nature. A talk was given to present the topic and inspire the connected people. The 15 participants came from various countries: Switzerland, France, Austria, Portugal, Brazil, Moldavia, Argentina …

The talk raised awareness that human beings are in constant relationship with nature, that it gives everything that they need. Then the participants could discuss about some questions like “which word of RISE do you connect the most with and why?” in small groups.

The call was ended with a reflection where anyone could share what has impacted them, and an online game was organized to end the activity together with some fun.

By Anya-Aurore Mauron, Co-director of IAYSP-Switzerland



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