On September 29th we gathered in Biel to hike up the Bözingen mountain. We had a fun and refreshing time together climbing the mountain, surrounded by nature. We stopped at the animal park to admire the Swiss animals and share our picknick.
After our power-break, we started our journey into the forest and caught up with each other. We could share on the topic of our movement, the improvement of our movement’s image, future projects and activities, and the change of our CARP Switzerland to Youth and Students for Peace (YSP Switzerland), the title we will use from now on.

We reached the pick of the hill through our hard effort to unite mind and body, and received our spiritual reward that materialized through a hot chocolate.

A delicious swiss fondue was awaiting us after our enriching day and we shared dinner all together with the Komagata family. We also celebrated the 20th birthday of our 1998ers of the 2nd generation with a cake and could reflect on today’s experience.

It was a profound feeling of brothers and sisters’ love that allowed us to create deeper bonds of heart through challenges! Thank you everyone! 😊

Anya, Marc-André, Daniel, Michael, Mélanie. 







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