Peace Road is an annual event happening worldwide to connect the world through peace. In Switzerland, IAYSP co-organized Peace Road with UPF on August 23, 2020, under the leadership of Jonah Gindroz, a very skilled cyclist, and Mélanie Komagata. It was also an occasion to celebrate the UN’s International Youth Day with this year’s theme being Youth Engagement for Global Action.

The 2020 edition happened in two teams: a courageous duo cycled over 70 kilometers from Lucerne region to Bern. The second group of around 20 participants between 8 and 62 years old rode from Biel/Bienne. All cyclists were then welcomed on the Bundesplatz (Federal Palace) and all participants gathered to celebrate this event at the Marzili in Bern.

The atmosphere was lively with people of all ages riding with enthusiasm taking action for the establishment of a harmonious and peaceful world.