Winter workshop 2015The participants were composed of members, Ambassadors for Peace and new guests. Chantal Ch├ętelat Komagata was the main organizer. The days were divided into 4 sessions and before each session, began with singing and some musical offerings to uplift the mind and spirit. 3 professionally-made lectures were presented by Dr. Tyler Hendrick in each session. He explains the most essential points of the Divine Principle, summarized in a concentrated way. Even long time members could gain new insights as Dr. Hendricks explains some quotes in the historical context. Following the end of each session, participants would get into respective language groups and discuss about the content of the videos and express their viewpoints for 45 minutes. New people could share what they had on their hearts during the discussion time, which helped them become free of burdens and in turn became a basis for applying Divine Principle to practical life examples.