This year's Peace Road event in Switzerland took place between the train station of Biel/Bienne and the federal Palace of Berne.

The end of December is the best period to reflect on the past and make new goals for the New Year.

The Peace Road event in Switzerland took again place between Lausanne and Geneva on 17.09.2017. The cyclists and participants of the event gathered in the end on the Place des Nations in front of the UN in Geneva. 

 The Peace Road event in Switzerland took this year place in the Western part of the country centering on Geneva, in contrast to the last year’s event that took place in the East and centering on Zurich.

Winter workshop 2015

From the 26th to the 30th of December, 2015, a Divine Principle Winter Workshop was held in Biel/Bienne. 30 people in total attended at least part of the workshop and 3 Ambassadors for Peace certificates were given out at the end. 

The training sessions for Ambassadors for Peace give the opportunity to reflect on the Universal principles needed to achieve "One human family under God". Les formations pour ambassadeurs de paix permettent de réfléchir aux principes universels nécessaires pour établir "une famille humaine unie en Dieu".


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