Under the guidance of Noëmie and Mélanie Komagata and the supervision of Johnson Belangenyi, 5 young people from different parts of Switzerland and the world invested their attention into learning about the UPF Principles for peace and sharing their understanding, ideas and viewpoints. 

They received many new insights and were able to move a step ahead. A participant wrote: "Our conscience makes us do good things if we listen to and learn these things". 5 new Ambassadors for peace were rewarded with the certificate.  

In the evening, a delicious dinner was prepared. The youths also baked cookies, played different games and finally watched a movie called "What dreams may come" with Robbin Williams. This movie illustrated one of the universal principles: human beings are essentially spiritual and life after death depends on the way life on earth is lived. The youths slept over and enjoyed a Sunday gathering the next day. 




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