Some passages read and opinions from the participants were:


“He who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law. The  commandments,  “You  shall  not  commit adultery, You shall not kill, You shall not steal, You shall not covet,” and any other command-ment,  are  summed  up  in  this  sentence,  “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the ful-filling of the law.” (Romans 13.8-10)


“The most important is to love your neighbor. If you love someone, you wouldn’t want to think of killing them.”


“In our laws, it doesn’t speak of loving your neighbor, but it’s based on materialism.”


“It’s the summary of the Four Spheres of Heart. When we have a love for God, we become filled with His love and we can love ourselves. And with the love for ourselves, we can love other people and finally have a conjugal/parental love with our spouse and kids.”



“The wise man is always free; he is always held in honor; he is always master of the laws. The law is not made for the just, but for the unjust. The just man is a law unto himself and he does not need to summon the law from afar, for he carries it enclosed in his heart, having the law [of God] written on the tablets of his heart… The wise  man  is  free,  since  one  who  does as he wishes is free. Not every wish is good, but the wise man wishes only that which is good; he hates evil for he chooses what is good. Because he chooses what is good he is master of his choice, and because he chooses his work he is free.” (Saint Ambrose of Milan, Letter 54 (Christianity))


“A wise man is a person who can distinguish right from wrong and can follow the right decision.”


“The wiser we become, the more details we can see of our imperfections.”



“Every country has its laws, whose purpose is to maintain goodness… At the same time, everyone is endowed with a conscience. Even without an education, the conscience knows what is right and urges us to act accordingly. Through the conscience, every person can know right from wrong and has the ability to regulate him or herself, quite apart from the law.” (216:306, April 15, 1991)


“Sometimes the conscience wakes up after we make a choice.”


“When we don’t listen to our conscience, we justify ourselves for not acting upon it.”


“For children, we can praise them for making good choices, allowing them to decide on future good choices for their future.”



“The law is an instrument to regulate people who would take advantage of the society and world for personal gain. The law is needed to deter self-centered people and groups from transgressing the line of what is permitted. How should we live in order not to transgress the law? Those who live for the sake of others do not require laws to deter them from doing wrong. We need to reach that level, where we are liberated from the law.How shall you live if you want to be confident not to be caught in the net of the world’s laws? If you live for your own selfish purposes, you are liable to be caught wherever you go. Instead, cultivate a life of living for the greater good of society. Then you will be liberated from the law.” (93:301, June 12, 1977)


“As human beings, we don’t want to be controlled by the laws, we want to make our own decisions.”



Written by William Nguyen