Some passages read were:


“Consider the family of humankind one.” (Jinasena, Adipurana, Jainism) (World Scripture pg. 1035)


“All the people of the whole world are equally brothers and sisters. There is no one who is an utter stranger. There is no one who has known the truth of this origin. It is the very cause of the regret of Tsukihi (God).” (Ofudesaki 13.43-44 Tenrikyo) (World Scripture pg. 1035)


“From this time on, the definition of “my country” will need to expand. Although everyone has their home country where they were born and live, in a larger sense, the entire world that God, our Father, created is “my country”. (Rev. Sun Myung Moon 95:53, October 23, 1977) (World Scripture pg. 1036)