International Women’s Day


Around 120 women came together to remember the day and to hear two interesting speakers on this year’s topic, „Peace Women“.

Frau Anne Rüffer spoke about the 11 women who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the last century. She told the life story of each woman, how each fought against all the odds to make a difference in various fields – most of all in caring for others.

It was very moving to hear of the courage of these women and inspiring us to do more in our area of interest.

The second speaker was Frau Heidi Leibundgut, who told us of her experiences doing humanitarian work in Columbia, South America. She also showed us some short videos, which gave a true-to-life picture of life there, of the extreme poverty which many families face. She said she didn’t feel like she has achieved much but she keeps going , as her efforts can make a difference. This was a very fitting message for all of us. We can never underestimate the effect of our actions every day to make this a better world for everyone.

Earlier in the evening we enjoyed an international buffet of wonderful food and halfway through the program we enjoyed some circle dances……….quite an achievement for such a large group !!

It is planned that Women’s Federation will be part of the organizing committee for next year’s event.



Written by Jean

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