It was really a special day this May 15th 2016. It was Pentecost for the Christians and the international Family Day from the United Nations. Why not celebrate it with a Blessing? Therefore the Community organized a Blessing at the site of the Sunday service. Three couples attended. One Swiss couple and two brothers from Bangladesh with their wives. All three couples serve their communities.

The husband of the Swiss couple is engaged in public activities to save our beautiful nature. The couples received an introduction to the Blessing by Mrs. Chantal Komagata, Secretary General of the UPF Switzerland.

Then around 11 am everybody gathered in the beautifully decorated hall. Mrs. Andrea Nakamura served as master of ceremony. Mr. Heiner and Mrs. Carolyn Handschin performed the Blessing ceremony.

Michael and Valentina Yurkin played some beautiful songs and William and Noëmie and Sung Kook Nauser gave their Blessing testimonies. Mrs. Theresa Ingrosso congratulated the couples. After the cake cutting there was the moment of the solemn banquet prepared by Hun Kook Nauser and Jun Nakamura. Again second generations entertained the guests with dances, songs and artistic gymnastics. It was the first but not the last of such events in Zürich.



Written by Marco Bolandini




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