Chantal Chételat Komagata and Johnson Belangenyi led the event, speaking in English, French and German. As they went through with the universal principles, many discussions came up.


Chantal began the meeting by asking how many people wonder whether there is such a thing as a spirit or a world after death. She gave an example explaining that only a couple of weeks after birth, most of the animal babies already know how to eat, propagate, etc. without being taught. Those capacities come from an inherent behavior called instinct. Animals don’t have the complex thinking capabilities that humans have, and can’t think of the future. Human beings have a mind and a body, and they aspire to spiritual answers. But how many people know what their purpose in life is? How many people think about the spiritual reality? In fact, people mostly think about money, power and sex, all instinctual behaviors. To renew our relationship with God is the solution to the problems of the world. Religions teach about self-discipline, loving others and achieving a mind body unity in oneself.


In order for a subject and object partner to unite, they should both have a common purpose. Ideally, all parents are the models for their children. In this way, children have a path they want to follow to become like their parents. Similarly, every religion has a historical figure that people strive to emulate. Each religion possesses Holy Scriptures based on its own cultural and historical backgrounds. The words might be expressed in different ways but often lead to the same universal understanding. As an example, Martin Luther King was a historical figure that is known as a model for our society. He promoted the harmonious relationship between all people, regardless of their color. He didn’t put a preference on rights for black people even though many people wanted him to do it. So did Ghandi and Sun Myung Moon. This is the only way to overcome segregation and end conflicts.


Many couples nowadays marry for a few years and then get divorced because they usually don’t have a common goal being higher than themselves and their own happiness in the relationship. They emphasize their conjugal and sexual love, which runs out after a few years being together and so they aim to find another partner. After a few years with their new partner, they might split again. In further relationships, the individual might start comparing between the partners of the past and the relationship won’t be true anymore. Many people live centered on themselves and strive to satisfy their sexual desire, among different physical needs. In fact, sexuality is a sacred thing between a mature man and a mature woman.

The fruit of a tree is the result; the fruit of human beings are their children, conceived through conjugal love. We saw why Adam and Eve covered their lower parts after they ate “the fruit”. Wouldn’t you usually cover your mouths to hide what you’ve eaten?


A participant asked if God was surprised from Adam and Eve’s fall and why He didn’t stop it from happening. According to the Divine Principle, God cannot intervene, since he gave human beings free will. He knew it was possible that they would be attracted towards each other. This is the reason why he gave the commandment of not eating the fruit before they would get mature. Moreover only God is the creator. Having intervened, it would have made Satan the other creator and prevented His children from growing to perfect co-creatorship.


At the end of the Training program, a video of UPF and the five principles of Ambassadors for Peace were shown. The Ambassadors for Peace Meeting was then held in the evening. There was a presentation about the promotion of family values and how to have sustainable marriage. We also talked about the meaning of the Marriage Blessing and its process. If two people truly love each other and make the promise to live together the whole life, they can receive God’s blessing. During the Blessing ceremony, the couple receives a cup of holy wine or juice which is specially prepared with the heart. It has the meaning of restoring the lineage. The woman giving the wine to the man symbolizes Eve giving the fruit to Adam for restoration.


After the presentation, the participants discussed together. At the end, an Ambassador for Peace and Senior Ambassador for Peace certificate were handed out to Alain Givel and Hermine Ringger, respectively. The Senior Ambassadors for Peace certificate recognizes dedicated ambassadors who have worked their whole lives to promote peace and family.



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