On January 22, 2022, UPF Switzerland and IAYSP-Switzerland co-organized the Ambassadors for Peace Training in Geneva, which took place in French in a hybrid format, at the UPF Office in Geneva, as well as online on Zoom. Participants joined from various French speaking countries. The one-day training was given by Chantal Chételat Komagata, Secretary-General of UPF Switzerland and Regional Coordinator of UPF Europe & the Middle East.

The total amount of participants was 25 out of which 8 were newly appointed as Ambassadors for Peace, and 3 as Youth Ambassadors for Peace. As the group consisted of participants from age 15 to over 70, the atmosphere was intergenerational, as well as international and intercultural.

The program was divided into 12 sessions starting with the ideal, the origin of conflicts, and finishing with the restoration. It touched multiple subjects related to peace, such as the purpose of life, living for the sake of others, and the foundations for sustainable peace and happiness. Every two sessions of about 10 minutes, reflection time was given to answer some questions and to exchange opinions and experiences, which expanded the general point of view.

This training was a great opportunity to learn about universal values and principles through religious teachings and scientific statements, with peace as primary focus. The feedback from the participants were also very positive and the training ended with a grateful atmosphere.


Article by Mélanie Komagata, Committee member of IAYSP-Switzerland.

Picture 1: Participants from the UPF Office in Geneva.

Picture 2: Some of the online participants during the sessions.

Picture 3: Group picture at the end of the training.


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