First, a slideshow titled “Innovative Approaches to World Peace in the 21st Century” was shown. The slides consisted of humanity’s responsibility of investing love into both humankind and God, developing the individual’s physical and spiritual body, understanding the Four Great Realms of Heart, how each religion has very similar values, building strong families, forgiving and loving each other by overcoming difficulties in a relationship, etc.

In the evening, the Ambassador’s for Peace Meeting was then held at the home of Clémentine and Armando Okito, who are themselves Ambassadors for Peace. They integrated their monthly worship gatherings with the Ambassadors for Peace meeting. 19 people attended the gathering. Many Christian songs were sung with high energy and spirit and people prayed in unison. Johnson gave the message about “What is the Effect of Prayer on Peace?”

After the message, certificates were handed out to the three newly appointed Ambassadors for Peace, Georgette Lumengo Pondo from Democratic Republic of Congo, Felix Makazi Tiapo and Emmanuel Neba Fuh, both from Cameroon. Pictures were taken and the group shared dinner together.

Written by William Nguyen