There were participants from different continents, which was enriching for the discussions. The training lasted the whole day at the UPF office. The universal principles were presented and the attendees shared a lot about their feelings and their viewpoints. Throughout the presentations, passages from different religions and philosophies were shown, expressing similar values. Solutions to conflicts in the world, as in families were suggested. At the end of the Training program, a video of UPF and the five principles of Ambassadors for Peace were shown. At the end of the training, a city counselor of Biel/Bienne, Mamadou Diop, originally from Senegal, received a certificate for Ambassador for Peace.



The meeting for Ambassadors for Peace was then held in the evening on the topic “Marriage, joy and tribulations”. Karin Pott talked about her experience in marriage with the joy of being mother but also the difficulties she faced after some years especially in relationship with her husband. She shared that in her case, she couldn’t find another solution that to get divorced. Chantal added her viewpoint about marriage and family. The family is the training ground where we can develop the different spheres of heart. If the partners were not able to develop their hearts enough, they might expect their spouses to give them the love they are missing. Usually it ends up with frustrations and divorces. A couple should have a high standard goal towards which they are willing to walk together. Often, the mother is expected to take care of the children and the father is working. Both of them should have a relationship with their children to be able to develop their hearts as parents and also to take their parts in the responsibility as a parent. The best way would be that the parents work both part-time. Unconditional love would be the ideal love that human beings should have in order to appreciate each other and live together, overcoming the barriers.







UPF VIDEO (sous-titres F/Untertitel D/sottotitoli I)

Formation des Ambassadeurs de paix


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