UPF Switzerland Peace Cup 2018
Peace Cup in Ticino, held on 01.05.2018
IAPD consultation held at WCC offices
Geneva, Switzerland—A consultation on creating a chapter of the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD) was held at the World Coun...

On December 22nd 2019 took place YSP Switzerland's last activity of the year, an end of the year party to finish the year well, look back on YSP's inspiring 2019, reward ourselves for our great work, and plan for the new year to come.

For YSP Switzerland's last 2019 activity, we organized an end of the year party on December 22nd to celebrate our great achievement through the year, look back on all that we diid, and look ahead on all the activities, goals, and ambitious dreams we have for 2020. We could realize how much effort we had invested during 2019, reaching way over our 2019 goal to have at least one activity per months, as we had in total 15 activities. Furthermore, we have also greatly cooperated with Universal Peace Federation and Women's Federation for World Peace and Unification throughout this year, helping out with UPF's five Ambassadors for Peace Trainings and Meetings, as well as other events like the Family Festival, and this was a great success for us. This year, we have not only organized more activities but we have also grown in number of members and of inspiration through the creation last March, of our two Peace Projects: "Pick up your trash!" and "We Care!". For both Peace Projects we have organized related activities and cooperated with already existing associations. Furthermore, to further YSP's main goal to develop young people's character, we have organized a Peace Designer Education seminar as well as many Ambassadors for Peace Trainings. Finally, among our  many activities, we have also held events related to the UN International Days (International Day of Sport for Peace and Development; International Youth Day, International Migrants Day, International Day of Families), but also related to sports and arts.

This last activity of the year was also a precious opportunity to create deeper bonds with one another through board games, mimicking games, and 'Just Dance'.

UPF VIDEO (sous-titres F/Untertitel D/sottotitoli I)

Formation des Ambassadeurs de paix


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