Some passages read and opinions from the participants are presented here:


“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts;

the whole earth is full of his glory.”

Isaiah 6.3


“Transcendent it is to put his glory in whole world.”


“God! there is no God but He,

the Living, the Everlasting.

Slumber seizes Him not, neither sleep;

to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth.

Who is there who shall intercede with Him

save by His leave?

He knows what lies before them

and what is after them,

and they comprehend not anything of His knowledge

save such as He wills.

His throne comprises the heavens and earth;

the preserving of them oppresses Him not;

He is the All-high, the All-glorious.”

Qur’an 2.255: The Throne Verse


“Are we masters of our destiny? If we take Adam and Eve’s example, they had the choice to decide to follow God’s commandment or not…”


“The Supreme Being is thousand-headed,

Thousand eyed, thousand footed;

Pervading the earth on all sides,

He exists beyond the ten directions.

The Supreme Being, indeed, is all this,

What has been and what will be,

The Lord of immortality

As well as of mortal creatures.

Such is his magnificence, but

The Supreme Being is even greater than this;

All beings are a fourth of him,

Three-fourths—his immortality—lie in heaven.

Three-fourths of the Supreme Being ascended;

The fourth part came here again and again,

Diversified in form, it moved

To the animate and the inanimate world.”

Rig Veda 10.90.1-4 (Hinduism)


“One fourth of God is in heaven, this is deity. In Hinduism, there are thousand of Gods but actually they are representations of one only God. To understand God, we need to understand all aspects. In Animism, God’s spirit is in unanimated things. And we can understand this viewpoint through the explanation of the duality of God (masculinity and femininity) in all creation.”


“There was something undifferentiated and yet complete,

which existed before heaven and earth.

Soundless and formless, it depends on nothing and does not change.

It operates everywhere and is free from danger.

It may be considered the mother of the universe.

I do not know its name; I call it Tao.

If forced to give it a name, I shall call it Great.

Being great means functioning everywhere.

Functioning everywhere means far-reaching.

Being far-reaching means returning to the original point.”

Tao Te Ching 25 (Taoism)


“It describes God, with qualities and attribute; God is the infinite small and on the same time, the infinite big. Human beings try to describe God with their limits and small knowledge but they cannot do it with words.”


“God transcends space. He encompasses the world and the entire universe. Such also is His unlimited love.”

(94:282-83, October 9, 1977, Sun Myung Moon)


“There were similar texts before but here, love is added in the description of God.”


“God is the origin of heaven and earth. There is nothing that does not originate from Him. Because everything belongs to God, the whole cosmos senses its bond with God and lives in connection with Him.

By analogy, we humans have four hundred billion cells, and whatever each cell feels, its feeling is communicated to our brain. All creatures are in such a relationship with their Creator.”

(140:123, February 9, 1986, Sun Myung Moon)


“God is suffering, seeing His children being sad. All beings are represented as cells that communicate with God who is like the brain. The fallen world can be represented as a cancer where the cells are fighting against each other. We have to restore each cell. If we’re connected to God, we would cry for others and not be indifferent to the suffering of our brothers and sisters. Human beings are sick and want to compensate the lack they feel with false love, exploiting each others.”


“Not my parents, my community or my nation gave me life. My life originated rather from the one Origin—God, the Absolute Being, transcending all these. Therefore, my life must be firmly connected to the transcendent Cause, to the axis of the Absolute Being. Relational factors such as time, circumstances and social conditions should not restrict it. Only when we unite our life to the transcendent Cause, the transcendent Purpose, can we transcend the bonds of time, circumstances and social conditions, and extricate ourselves in one leap.”

(36:64, November 15, 1970, Sun Myung Moon)


“We have to keep in mind our true origin. It is like the people who were rich, had everything but then left everything behind to live in a temple or in a spiritual way, like Buddha.”


“A human being attains perfection when he centers his life on his mind; likewise, the creation attains perfection only when God stands as its center. Thus, the universe is one organic body that moves only according to God’s purpose of creation. As one organic body, the universe exists in a relationship of internal nature and external form, with God as the internal nature and the created universe as the external form.”

(Exposition of the Divine Principle, Creation 1.1, Sun Myung Moon)


“God is the invisible side of the universe, the external form. It’s again like in Animism, the feeling that God lives in all things.”


“Everything revolves. Atoms and even elementary particles rotate. Electrons revolve around protons. The solar system revolves around the sun, and the Milky Way rotates around its galactic core. They are revolving around something that remains still. This universe, with all its varied phenomena, is a huge complex of myriads of these relationships. Therefore, we can think that this universe also revolves around a single core: God, the origin of all creation. All things revolve because they resemble their Master, God, who is always revolving.”

(173:134-35, February 14, 1988, Sun Myung Moon)


“In science, we can see so much God’s character and traits.”


Written by Noëmie Komagata-Nguyen



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